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Triumph Restorations

Auto-Tech Corp.

Specializing in Triumph Automobiles



Repairs, Service, and Integrity Inspections on Triumph Tr2, TR3, TR4, TR6 and Spitires.


Interiors and Tops

Interior Restoration and interior repairs. New  convertible tops of any grade installed.



Restorations Triumph Tr2, TR3, TR4, TR6 and Spitires, from a mechanical to a complete like new car. Floor repairs and rocker panel replacement.

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Phone: 908-876-1366 

MG Midget

The Beginings

Auto-Tech opened on March 2, 1987, Al owned his '74 Midget from 1978 to 2008 it was his first car. We have been working on british motorcycles and cars since 1976, gave up the motorcycles repairs in 1982. Prior to 1987 John's s background is machinist and cobbler. A couple of years ago he sold his 1976 Triumph TR6 and His 1969 Triumph Spifire do to health issues. Al sold his Midget in 2006 due to a lack of storage space.



We can do almost anything for your MG, repairs, interiors, sheet metal, transmission overhauls, engine rebuilds,brakes, suspension and everything else. Have a paint shop we use for what we don't do in house. We are open on Saturdays by appointment. If your in the area on an afternoon drive, stop by for a visit. The Spitfire was Johns.


John's TR6

This was Johns 1976 TR6.


Britfest 2008

This is us with a First place trophy for an MGB, The MGB was a restoration that took place over three years, in stages, they had their car every summer. We thank the owners for picking us to do the restoration.

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